Friday, July 15, 2011

Peace, Love and Little Donuts...

A few weekends ago I made a trip to the Strip District in open market of fresh flowers, fruit, ethnic baked goods, cheeses, meats and small cafés.  I love the excitement of the street vendors competing to grab your attention…some with adorable hand knitted wool hats left-over from the cold winter months or "Steelers" sweatshirts from the previous football season. Our favorite café is a little Italian restaurant called “Café On The Strip”…delicious wedding soup, antipastos and fresh crusty bread. I brought along my "Holga" camera to snap a few spontaneous moments (it also has a built-in flash with colored filters: red, blue and yellow to cast a mood on your subject) and at times, I forgot to advanced the 120/film…and end up with few interesting double exposures.
                                                                     All Photos by Ro Macuga
When I think of the color orange (my favorite color), I envision a round shape. I guess I'm relating it to the things I orange, peeled or not peeled, a fiery sunset, an umbrella (I own) or a basketball, although I’ve never played basketball, except for when I was teaching my students about "Sports Photography." To demonstrate (I took one for the team), I instructed them to take photos of me (ha) dribbling and shooting a basketball in the gym (located just above the art room) to gain an understanding of freezing action using a fast shutter speed…I actually made one basket out of about 17 and a few off the rim...not bad for a 5'2" (won't mention my age) art teacher :)! But an "orange donut", although round, has never come to mind…until I saw that sign, smiled and took a photo. It was truly an orange kinda day!
Orange you happy tomorrow is Saturday?   

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  1. Great...Love the Peace Love & Little Donuts photo! Miss the Burgh!!! As usual Ro ....great job!