Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Cool Day at 95 Degrees

"Cool Couch on River Road "                         Photo by Ro
  Yesterday was a hot steamy day where the temperature rose to a stifling 95 degrees, but with the high humidity, the weatherman warned viewers it would feel more like a 105 outside!  "Hydrate and stay inside where there is air-conditioning or go to the mall", was his advice.  So I did just that!

Recently, I had central air installed, even though, I'm truly not an "air-conditioning" kind of person. With the windows open, I love the warm scented summer air and hearing the birds, neighbors (how else do you find out the latest neighborhood news?) and the rumbling of  lawn mowers.  It's all part of summer. But staying in the frigid cold air of my home seemed like the right thing to do yesterday and enticed me to conjured up a few cool weather rituals.  First, I rumaged through the frig and came up with enough ingredients (except for celery) to make a big pot of chicken noodle soup ...simmering, it smelled so "homey".  Next, I settled on the couch with my tattered fleece throw (my sister made for me with a pattern of cappuccino cups) to watch "Tamara Drewe"(Starz), a movie about a cheating mystery writer... funny, a little predictable but lovely cinematography of the English countryside.  Ahhh... I  dozzzed off! 

Finally, feeling guilty for my lack of ambition, I drove to the mall in my compact air-conditioned car. As I entered the sub-zero temperature of Macy's to seek out a few summer sales, goose-bumps began to rise on my arms and legs. It wasn't long before I was lured over to the newly racked fall merchandise and ended up buying a smart looking black and white woven wool jacket...was it really July?!  I'm convinced (I needed real air) being submersed in air-conditioning all day long had brainwashed me into believing it was actually a chilly day or maybe... I just had the "winter blues"!

Orange you happy not to sweat the small stuff?

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