Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Boredom & A Fiesty Fly Named Millie...

Inspiration of Characters…

The idea of writing children’s books started at a writer’s conference, Fishtrap, located among the pines trees of the Wallowa Mountains, Joseph, Oregon. I signed up for a song writing workshop instructed by singer/songwriter Craig Carothers (album: Air Mail Blues) and had the privilege of pairing up with the talented Kate Power, also a professional folk singer/songwriter (album, Dancing In The Kitchen).  Together we wrote the quirky lyrics to a somber melody for an assignment inspired by one word boredom.  The song was titled Mole Hole, and the first verse went like this...

Nothin’ to do, nowhere to go.
Finished my book, coffee pot’s low.
No friends around to muddle my mood.
Nothin’ to do, I’ll eat some more food.
Who wants to rock, who wants to roll? Just leave me here in my little mole hole.

 Budding songwriters w/Laurie Lewis
The next year I traveled back to Fishtrap for another round of songwriting and worked with bluegrass singer/songwriter Laurie Lewis (albums: True Stories and my favorite, Seeing Things). My inspiration was a fly that would not leave me alone so I named it Millie (after my happy go lucky Aunt Millie) to give it an identity and lovable personality. No longer did I think about swatting that particular fly. The lyrics of the song portrayed the fly (Millie) receiving the ultimate gift... a second chance at life. With much encouragement from friends, I illustrated the song into a lighthearted children’s story titled Go Fly, Fly.

Aunt Millie on her way to see the world from a different point of view!

You have a whole new circumstance,
Go and find your second chance.
Spread your wings to the great outdoors,
So many backroads to explore.
A big blue world is waiting for you
And from the air it's a splendid view.
(Excerpts from the story, Go Fly, Fly ...still waiting to be published!)

Orange you happy to give or receive a second chance?

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