Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuki and Stu join Storywalk at Seven Springs on Saturday!

 Look Tuki, there's a heart!

Hearts are everywhere as Tuki and Stu, two elephant friends, discover on their way into town for a fun afternoon of pizza and bowling.  Bossy Stu challenges Tuki to a game of "counting hearts" and is determined to win!  At seven to none, Tuki learns not all hearts are visible to the eye and begins to feel hopeless until… the one heart that truly counts is found.              
   The One That Counts is a visually engaging and imaginative story that underlines the power of friendship.


 What is Storywalk?

Nolan reads The One That Counts to Kate

A Project of the Pittsburgh Association for Education of Young Children (PAEYC)
Kate finds a heart!
Storywalk is a free, fun-filled, 3hour family event.  It’s a chance for children to experience the wonder of books and the art of storytelling. It encourages children to listen, read, write and imagine as they make their way from story to story; each one marked by a representative set piece and read from an oversized copy of the book!

Meanwhile, between stories local community and cultural organizations will be there to supply information about their services and offer family–friendly activities to entertain and inspire the children’s creativity – things like recording their own stories, bookmaking, and other crafts.

There will be music, face painting, African drumming, literacy building activities sponsored by 7Springs.

WHEN: Saturday, August 20th from 10:00am – 1:00pm
WHERE:  Seven Springs Resort
Nolan & Kate together find the one that counts!
PS- Join Tuki and Stu and look for hearts in the world around you! Take a picture and post it on www.facebook.com/tukiandstu

Photo by Bob Rice 
Like Stu, I too found a puddle-heart !  Just after a light morning rain, I was jogging around the park in Beaver with my "Pilates On 3rd" friends and there it was...

Photographer Bob Rice, who lives on the corner, was kind enough to come out and take a photo!

Orange you happy to find a heart and share a heart?

BatCat Press
The One That Counts was published by BatCat Press, a small press that operates in conjunction with Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School, Midland, PA. The staff consists of literary and media students who have designed the layout, assembled each book cover by hand, and used a single binding machine to complete the process.  The result, each book artfully crafted with a little character of its own.   http://www.batcatpress.com/

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