Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Spy Hearts...

An enchanting day at the first (and hopefully annual) 7Springs Storywalk. Tuki and Stu took on a life of their own (literally) along with other favorite picture book characters. Artist Martha Murphy (Waking Bear Studio) painted the wonderful life-size murals. As author of The One That Counts, I read my story from an over-sized book to curious children of all ages. As I turned each large page, I witnessed expressions of surprise and delight as Tuki and Stu discovered the heart that counted the most! When I asked the kids, "Where did Stu feel the heart?", some patted the tops of their heads, but most knew without a doubt, that Stu felt Tuki's kindness inside (as these young listeners pointed to their own hearts).

 Ernie with grandson finding all sorts of hearts.
Taking the initiative to draw their own pictures and hearts! 
Lavender hearts!

Following the story, children and parents were given an "I Spy" activity of an imaginary forest (I illustrated) full of hidden hearts... 32 to be exact! They counted and colored hearts with bright hues of red, purple, yellow, orange and blue. In the eyes of children, hearts come in many colors... I wish we could all see it that way.  

Kelly Frye, Mike Clark and Michelle Wright...  Pittsburgh celebrities read some of the other stories to children at the Storywalk with passion and zest! 

The audience grew bigger and bigger and more curious as
Tuki &Stu bowled for peanuts!

Although I'm not a celebrity, all those attentive little faces made me feel like one...
 just for a day! 

Tuki & Stu with new friends! 

Orange you glad everyone has a heart?

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